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Vietnam Lottery Company (Vietlott) was established in 2011 according to Decision 1109 / QD-TTg of the Prime Minister and operates under the Ministry of Finance's management as per the Decision No. 2933 / QD-BTC. Vietlott operates business nationwide in lottery and other games as prescribed by the laws. Vietlott's organization structure is compact, professional and effective.

Vietlott acknowledges our enormous role, not only to successfully develope the lottery business to offer new games alongside other traditional gmes, but also to contribute to the health of the current entertainment, reduce the operation of out-law forms of lottery.

Vietlott is committed to perform our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) through community support and social welfare programs. The local budget gains all revenues incurred from Vietlott's operation at local area (nearly 30% of ticket sales, including taxes and net profit) to invest in medical, education, social welfare to constantly improve people's life as well as create jobs for thousands of local workers.

Vietlott is the only lottery from Vietnam who is a full member of both the World Lottery Association (WLA) and the Asia Pacific Lottery Association (ALPA). Vietlott operates in accordance with the most stringent standards of WLA and APLA on social responsibility, responsible gaming, risk management and security in the lottery business.

"A chance to be better" is the message Vietlott wants to deliver to our customers, when one comes to Vietlott, their belief can turn into opportunity to grow and become better, which is value that Vietlott pursues.


Becoming the leading company in the field of entertainment games of Vietnam.

Developing Vietnam entertainment market in a modern, transparent and responsible manner.

Core values



Meaning of Logo

1. The star recalls the image of Vietnam, Vietlott's mission and commitment to the country. The star represents the lottery business's signature, which is luck, and is styled as streaks of fireworks representing joy, success and victory.

2. The star is surrounded inside a sphere reminds of the image of the spear of the flower, confirming VIETLOTT is the one to modernise the lottery filed, with aim to hold the sustainable development of the lottery business

3. A five-petal flower with little curve reminds of the technology, draw chamber, lottery balls... Each petal with different size symbolises the distribution ratio from the revenues collected from the lottery operation of Vietlott.

4. “VIETLOTT” is the abbreviation between “VIETNAM” and “LOTTERY” affirming the position of the computerized lottery, which is "Viet" Lottery.

- The biggest petal: payment to the players

- The 2nd biggest petal: contribution to the State budget

- The 3rd biggest petal: benefits to the partners and lottery agents

- The 4th biggest petal: Vietlott's contribution to the society

- The smallest petal: Benefits to Vietlott's staff

 Slogan "A chance to be better"

"Chance" is a very important factor to create the changes as well as the development of individuals and organizations. "Chance" illustrates good bless, accompanied by the phrase "to be better", altogether shows the value of opportunity as well as the purpose that the business itself is always aiming for.

From the corporate's perspective, creating opportunities, bringing good values ​​to everyone, every household and the whole society is the message Vietlott wants to deliver.

From the customer's perspective, coming to Vietlott is where belief is transformed into an opportunity to change, grow and become better. The slogan once again confirms that Vietlott is where consumers place their trust.