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Conditions for participation

Player must meet the following requirements to be qualified for participation

a) Must be a vietnamese citizen, a Vietnamese who resides abroad or a legally-immigrated foreigner in Vietnam;

b) Must be 18 years old or above;

c) Person who are not restricted in their capacity for civil acts or lose their civil act capacity as prescribed by law;

d) Other requirements as published by Vietlott (if any).

As for unqualified players, Vietlott reserve the right to refuse to make rewards when requested


How to use betting slip

Take one betting slip for Max 3D and a pencil provided at POS. The betting slip is as attached:

  • How to play

Check the box corresponding to the desired way of entering

- Colour [MAX 3D CƠ BẢN] to play basic Max 3D. Find out how to play basic way at [Link].

- Colour [3D+3D CƠ BẢN] to play basic 3D+3D way. Find out the prize structure at [Link].

  • Fill the box

- Fill the box with a pencil provided at POS

- Colour 3 digits [For example: 1-2-3] at the left frame (for basic Max 3D) or  colour 3 digits [For example: 1-2-3+4-5-6] at both left and right frame (for basic Max 3D + 3D) at Table A, B, c or D. Each table corresponds to 1 entry

- Or let the terminal make random pick for you by colouring [TC] at the bottom of Table A or all tables. Each table corresponds to 1 entry.

- Colour [HỦY] to cancel the coloured entry.

- Give the salestaff your coloured betting slip.


Take the ticket

Take the ticket and pay for your entry


Trial play

Experience the Max 3D: trial play down below


Draw result and compare draw result

- Max 3D live draw at 18h00 every Monday, Wednesday and Friday

- Watch live draw on VTC3 or at fanpage https://www.facebook.com/vietlott.vn/.

- Watch live draw at [Link]

- You can bring ticket to the POS to check for result.