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29/03/2024 11:47

Sơn La - On March 26, 2024, Mr. V.K., a Viettel subscriber, was awarded the Jackpot prize in the Mega 6/45 lottery draw, QSMT edition #01172, valued at over 25 billion Vietnamese dong.

On the same day, March 26, 2024, Vietnam's Electronic Lottery Company (Vietlott) conducted the prize award ceremony for the Jackpot in the Mega 6/45 lottery draw, QSMT edition #1172, presenting the esteemed prize to Mr. V.K., a Viettel subscriber, with a prize value exceeding 25 billion Vietnamese dong.


Mr. V.K. received Jackpot prize worth over 25 billion VND.


Before this, through examing on the system of selective lottery business data and accompanying personal records, Vietlott has officially confirmed that Mr. V.K. has won the Jackpot prize in the Mega 6/45 lottery draw, QSMT edition #1172, on March 15, 2024, with a value of 25,152,452,500 VND. The winning number combination is 09 – 11 – 16 – 29 – 31 – 33.


Mr. V.K.'s ticket purchase screen.


Mr. V.K., a native of Son La, has become a familiar player in Vietlott's selective lottery games over the past five years. He indulges in purchasing five tickets daily, both for entertainment and luck. His routine involves checking the daily results and picking numbers that haven't shown up yet for the next draw.


Recalling his win, Mr. V.K. shared a funny moment of checking the results while cooking, only to freeze in shock when he realized his numbers had hit the Jackpot. When he excitedly told his wife, she didn't believe him until he showed her the confirmation message about claiming the prize at Vietlott's HQ.


As for continuing to play the lottery, especially now that the Power 6/55 Jackpot has hit 300 billion VND, Mr. V.K. admitted he wasted no time in buying five tickets in the early morning. He also mentioned his plans to stash some of the winnings in the bank and budget the rest wisely.


During the prize-giving ceremony, true to the social responsibility ethos of Vietlott players, Mr. V.K. decided to donate 180 million VND to social welfare projects in Son La province, like building community homes and aiding the less fortunate. He also chipped in 200 million VND to the Tam Tai Viet Fund for broader social welfare initiatives across the nation.


Vietlott on behalf of Mr V.K. giving gifts to people in difficult circumstances in Son La City.


According to regulations, Mr. V.K. is obligated to pay personal income tax in the jurisdiction where he participated in the lottery, which is Son La. The total taxable amount exceeds 2.5 billion VND (10% of the portion exceeding 10 million VND) and will be deducted at the time of prize collection.


Vietlott's QSMT procedure is entirely transparent and publicly monitored by the Lottery Supervision Council, with live coverage available on:

- VTC3 television channel

- Vietlott's official Facebook page at www.facebook.com/vietlott.vn

- Vietlott's official website at http://www.vietlott.vn/