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08/03/2024 14:31

March 8, 2024, Mr. T.Q., a MobiFone subscriber, claimed the Mega 6/45 lottery Jackpot prize worth over 13.5 billion VND (approximately $580,000) for drawing #01165.

On March 8, 2024, Vietlott (Vietnam Lottery) officially awarded the Mega 6/45 Jackpot prize for drawing 01165 to Mr. T.Q., a MobiFone subscriber, with a total prize value of over 13.5 billion VND.


Mr. T.Q. Receives Jackpot Prize Worth Over 13.5 Billion VND


After verifying the lottery business data system and the accompanying personal records, Vietlott confirmed that Mr. T.Q. had won the Mega 6/45 Jackpot prize for drawing 01165 on February 28, 2024, with a winning value of 13,552,229,000 VND. The winning numbers were 01 – 10 – 21 – 25 – 32 – 39.


Mr. T.Q. is originally from and currently resides in Ho Chi Minh City. He has been a regular player of Vietlott's lottery products since the very beginning. He maintains the habit of buying one 10,000 VND ticket every day for entertainment and to try his luck, believing that "you have to buy a ticket to have a chance to win."


Speaking to Vietlott, Mr. T.Q. shared that he usually buys one of the three number sets suggested by Vietlott SMS when logging into the application. However, when buying a ticket that day, he decided to try the application's Quick Pick feature and only found out the numbers after receiving a message from Vietlott SMS. And that number set brought him the luck to win the Jackpot worth over 13.5 billion VND.


When he received the winning message, he was a bit surprised because the winning amount was too long and didn't have the usual decimal points between the numbers, so he was afraid it was an error. As usual, he checked again on the vietlott.vn website and confirmed that he had won. As soon as he knew, he informed his wife first and took her with him to claim the prize on March 8th.


Mr. T.Q.'s wife shared: "My husband's habit is to buy one lottery ticket every day, so on days when I see him forget to buy, I remind him. And the Jackpot is a special International Women's Day gift that he gave me." The couple also shared that they will use the money to buy a house, take care of both families, and invest in business.


Mr. T.Q.'s Ticket Purchase Screen


At the award ceremony, in line with Vietlott players' spirit of social responsibility, Mr. T.Q. donated 50 million VND to support the construction of charity houses in Hoa Binh province.


According to regulations, Mr. T.Q. is required to pay personal income tax at the place where he registered to participate in the lottery, which is Ho Chi Minh City, with a total value of over 1.3 billion VND (10% of the value exceeding 10 million VND) and will be deducted immediately upon receiving the prize.


Vietlott's drawing process is completely public and transparent, closely monitored by the Lottery Supervision Council and reported live on:

- TV channel VTC3

- Vietlott's official fanpage at www.facebook.com/vietlott.vn

- Official website of Vietlott at http://www.vietlott.vn/