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01/03/2024 17:24

On February 29, 2024, Mr. D.H., a VinaPhone subscriber, received the Jackpot prize’s Mega 6/45 lottery product of draw ID #01163 worth over 55.8 billion VND.

On February 29, 2024, Vietlott (Vietnam Lottery Company) awarded the Jackpot prize’s  Mega 6/45 lottery product of  draw ID 01163 to Mr. D.H., a VinaPhone subscriber, with a prize value of over 55.8 billion VND.


Mr. D.H. receives the Jackpot prize worth over 55.8 billion VND


After checking the lottery data system and his personal records, Vietlott confirmed that Mr. D.H. had won the Jackpot prize’s  Mega 6/45 lottery product of  draw ID 01163 on February 23, 2024, with a winning value of 55,896,580,500 VND. The winning numbers was 04 - 17 - 19 - 27 - 28 - 36.


Mr. D.H. is from Lam Dong province and currently lives in Ho Chi Minh City. When he first registered for an account on the lottery distribution channel via phone, Mr. H. learned that if he registered to specific place, he would be contributing to the local budget for investment in healthcare, education, climate change response, and new rural development. Therefore, he decided to choose his hometown, Lam Dong province, as the place where he participated in.


He shared that he bought the lottery ticket while sitting with friends, hoping for good luck in the early days of the new year. That day, he bought 1 ticket  for the Mega 6/45 product and 2 tickets for the Power 6/55 product. This is also Mr. H.'s lottery buying habit: he only buys a few tickets each time for good luck and daily entertainment.


While on the road, he received a message notifying him of his win. Mr. H. only thought he had won a small prize because he often won 30,000/50,000 VND prizes from lottery products. Then he saw that the number was longer than usual, so he suspected he had won a big prize, but he was on the road, so he put his phone away to check when he got home.


When he got home, he carefully checked the message, re-checked on the Vietlott.vn website, and received a call from a Vietlott representative before he officially believed that he had won the Jackpot worth over 55.8 billion VND.


After confirming that he was the lucky winner, he informed his family. He plans to use some of the money to expand his business, some to take care of his family, and some to invest in real estate.


Mr. D.H.'s ticket purchase screen


At the award ceremony, in line with the social responsibility spirit of Vietlott players, Mr. D.H. donated 660 million VND to the Tam Tai Viet Fund to support social security activities.


Mr. D.H. presents 660 million VND to the representative of Tam Tai Viet Fund


According to regulations, Mr. D.H. is obliged to pay personal income tax at the place where he registered, which is Lam Dong province, with a total value of over 5.5 billion VND (10% of the value exceeding 10 million VND) and was deducted immediately upon receiving the prize.


Mr. D.H.'s personal income tax deduction certificate


Vietlott's drawing process is completely public and transparent, closely monitored by the Lottery Supervision Council and reported live on:

- TV channel VTC3

- Vietlott's official fanpage at www.facebook.com/vietlott.vn

- Official website of Vietlott at http://www.vietlott.vn/