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Conditions for participation

 Player must meet the following requirements to be qualified for participation

a) Must be a vietnamese citizen, a Vietnamese who resides abroad or a legally-immigrated foreigner in Vietnam;

b) Must be 18 years old or above;

c) Person who are not restricted in their capacity for civil acts or lose their civil act capacity as prescribed by law;

d) Other requirements as published by Vietlott (if any).

As for unqualified players, Vietlott reserve the right to refuse to make rewards when requested




Seach for POS

Search for POS at: Link


Draw result and compare draw result

- Max 4D live draw at 18h00 every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

- Watch live draw on VTC3 or at fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/vietlott.vn/.

- Watch live draw at [Here].

- You can bring ticket to the POS to check for result


Take the ticket

Take the ticket and pay for your entry


Trial play

Experience the Max 4D: trial play down below


How to use betting slip

- Take one betting slip for Max 4D and a pencil provided at POS. The betting slip is as attached:

- Color [TỔ HỢP] to enter i-perm play. Find out how to play i-perm at [Here]. Not coloring will be understood as entering basic play. Find out how to play basic way at [Here].

- Color 4 digits from left to right [for example: 1-1-1-1] at Table A or all tables. Each table corresponds to 1 entry

- Or let the terminal make random pick for you by coloring [TC] at the bottom of Table A or all tables. Each table corresponds to 1 entry.

- Color [HỦY] to cancel the colored entry.

- Give the salestaff your colored betting slip